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Games/Robots/3D Printing and Cold Beer

What you missed if you weren’t there last night πŸ™‚

  • Lee has most of the issues with his PrintrBot sorted. Should be printing by next week.
  • Sebastian worked on his Inmoov, it’s looking good and also scary if you think that it’s only the lower arm, the complete torso is going to be huge!
  • Hein came for a visit, said some interesting stuff about a DIY pick and place, should hopefully have more information
  • I couldn’t do much with my arcade project so ended up playing a bit with the mFi port and sensors
  • Cold beer!









See everybody next week!


Last night at BinarySpace :)

Hey Guys,

Another fun meeting last night. Tom played some more with the raspberry pi camera and got the user space (Thx Schalk) driver working with python. It’s running great.


Sebastian sorted out his screw problem and started doing some basic inmoov finger movements.

Inmoo Movements

Don’t believe me? Check out this short and sweet video πŸ˜‰

See everybody next week πŸ™‚