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Last night at BinarySpace – 19 September

We had another fun meetup last night at BinarySpace. Wynand has been working on his Prusa I3 Remixed 3d printer for the past 5 weeks and last night it was decided that she will print before the end of the night. Well after some beers and some on the fly modifications she started her first print!

DSC_5553 (Large)


About two layers in, Lee asked if that burning smell is normal but I assured him that the smell isn’t too bad … and then the smoke came. It seemed that the thermistor came loose from the hotend and the controller decided to keep on heating the hotend until the pla turned liquid …

After letting it cool down and a few more beers we fixed it all up and tested everything again, no permanent damage… phew. Goes to show how quickly and catastrophically a 3d printer can fail…

Wynand designed this printer by using the existing Prusa I3 parts and modifying them to a different design that uses extruded aluminium as the frame. His idea was also to eliminate some linear bearings and have the slides run directly on the aluminium. I was impressed how well this works. More testing is required to see how well this will work over long term usage.

DSC_5564 (Large)


All in all it was a fun night, and our main goal of getting the printer up and running was achieved 🙂

Thanks to everybody that joined us and see you all next week Thursday!

DSC_5558 (Large)

3D Print Fun Friday – 3D-Scanner Arduino Turntable

Time for another 3d fun print. As 3d printers get more and more popular people are playing more with 3d scanning. There is some great software out there that do great 3d scanning using only a line laser and a webcam. So let’s print a small arduino (or any other controller) turntable to scan miniature objects.

Check out for more info on setting it all up. Anybody have a local source for line lasers?