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Technology Challenge: Analog Line Following Robot (No Arduino’s Allowed!)

Good day all you Happy Hackers!

I am pleased to announce another Binaryspace hosted Technology Challenge. Up for grabs is a PICAXE-20X2 MICROBOT worth R1200 sponsored by Gert Van der Walt.

In order to win you must design and build a line following robot that must complete the track in the fastest time.

But there is a catch!


That’s right. You may use any technology you desire but any programmable piece of silicon is a no no.

Sharing of your design and build process is encouraged but not necessary since the winning criteria is the time to complete the track. Please help and encourage your fellow hackers through by sharing. Sharing is caring.


There is a test track set up in the space in order for you to try out your robot. The day of the official competition is 27 October, that gives you enough time to build and test your robot.


Entry is free (the cost of your robot) and open to anyone.

Any questions feel free to bug me gertvdwalt [at] mighty dot coza

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New Space for BinarySpace


It’s been a few months since our request for assistance and quite a few things have changed. The good news is that we do have a new space again 🙂 It’s an awesome space and we love it! We got a lot of responses that included ‘please don’t let binaryspace die’ to ‘I have a spot in my garage for you guys!’. We appreciate all the responses that we got and the overwhelming need to keep BinarySpace going.

Our new space is now located at 71 Rossini Blvd, Vanderbijlpark. It’s a nice spot in a decent area and we are very proud of it. We even got a new sign up to help people find the new space.

The situation with the new space is that are properly renting it, and paying our own water/lights accounts, etc. It’s been a scary new exercise for us, but it has been rewarding in it’s own way.


As you can notice we now have a new partner in the form of SiGNL.  SiGNL is a creative technology company, prototyping smart objects that extend into real world experiences. Various of our members have actively been involved in projects with SiGNL. SiGNL have partly been helping us out with our rent each month.


Our membership system has also proven itself and everyone has stepped up joining as BinarySpace members and their fees have gone towards the expenses of the new space. We are also saving up for more exciting projects and equipment 🙂 Becoming a member of BinarySpace means the continued survival of BinarySpace and also getting involved in an awesome environment where there is lots to learn from others.

We have lots of exciting workshops happening in the future and some new technology challenges and great projects.

Our weekly meetups are still on thursday evenings at 19:30, so come and have a look at the new space 🙂

So stay tuned, BinarySpace isn’t going anywhere!