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High Altitude Balloon Launch – Binary-06 – 20 April 2019

Hi Everybody,

We are doing our first High Altitude Balloon Launch for 2019 (Binary-06) on the 20th of April (Saturday). Everybody is invited to join us for the day to launch and chase the balloon. We will be launching from the Leeukop Farm Airfield in Deneysville.

The flight is part of the ZS4SRK Balloon competition. For this balloon we are going back to basics to try and get a new height record for us. The balloon will only contain the aprs tracker, sstv transmitter and the ZS6FZ repeater (roughly 700g payload in total). During the time the balloon is in the air radio amateurs will participate in a competition to make as many contacts via the balloon as possible. (Radio Amateurs: please check the blue book for rules).

Details for repeater:

Uplink: 433.550Mhz – 88.5Hz Tone to Activate
Downlink: 145.450Mhz

Looking forward to see how many contacts we make via the repeater.

The SSTV camera will fly again and will be transmitting images every few minutes on 144.500Mhz.

We will not have a gopro on this flight.

Previous Launches:
17 November 2018
4 Aug 2018
9 June 2018
17 March 2018 –
15 April 2015 –

About the Mission – Binary 06

Equipment on this flight:

SSTV Camera Transmitter (400mW-500mW) (ZR6TG) – Will take a photo and transmit it every 5 minutes. There will also be some static images in the mix. Can you collect all 6 of them ?
Transmitted on 144.500 FM, Martin 1 Mode
You can use MMSSTV to decode (

APRS Transmitter (300mW) – Will transmit position and altitude every minute

Technical Info:
Callsign: ZS4SRK-11
Transmitted on 144.800
You can follow on!call=ZS4SRK-11&timerange=3600&tail=3600

Please also share to any Amateur Radio Groups/Clubs
We are using a 600g balloon (white). We are estimating 2-3 hours mission.

We have the following challenges happening during the launch:

Primary launch window: 20 April 2019 – 7:00 (we start setting up somewhere around 6:15)

Depending on weather or technical difficulties the launch and/or the payload contents can change at any time, check the telegram group for up to date information:

Telegram group used for tracking and comms:

Launch Site: Leeukop Farm Airfield.: 26* 52’ 02.44”S 28* 04’18.51”E

Special thanks to Lizette Meyer for allowing us to launch from their field again 🙂

Fun Facts:

This will be the 6th BinarySpace High Altitude Balloon Launch
This will be the 6th launch using the Trackduino APRS tracker
This will be the 3rd launch from Leeukop Farm Airfield
This will be the 5th launch with SSTV camera

Everybody is welcome to come and join us 🙂

If you are interested in sponsoring future launches then please reach out to us. Thanks to HTI for sponsoring the Helium/Balloon for this flight.

Prediction (16 April 2019)

Prediction (15 April 2019)