BinarySpace Monthly Project Premiers on 31 July 2014

We have seen lots of people come and go at BinarySpace. Unfortunately they sometimes get bored because they don’t have a project of their own to work on and we don’t always see them again (although they do stay in touch).

Bringing a project to work on is definitely not a requirement to come and visit and even have a beer, but let’s face it, It’s more fun working on something cool. We’ve done a few group projects in the past (Valentines Day Flower and xMas Beer Xylophone just to name a few) and they have been very popular and loads of fun.

To solve this problem we are now going to try and do a monthly project at BinarySpace. We will have a new project every month with one or two project build nights (depending on complexity of the project). The idea is that you can show up for the meetup and build something cool to take home. We will try to keep costs as low as possible, but also keep in mind that we do not want to build a blinky light every month.

For the premier of our Monthly Project night we will be building a pocket sized robot arm!

20140628_144545 20140717_221653

This project will be done over two evenings. It’s possible to build it in one evening, but this way you don’t need to rush it. Also if you can’t make the first evening then you can still start on the 2nd evening.

The monthly project concept is still highly experimental and this is a test to see how well this would work. If you have any project ideas for the monthly project then feel free to mail us on projectnight [at]


More details on the pocket sized robot arm:

Project Nights are 31 July 2014 and 7 August 2014

Even if you don’t participate in the monthly project nights you can still come and visit

The pocket arm consists of a few servo motors, some lasercut parts, nuts and bolts and a “brain”.

You need to provide your own “brain”, for example an arduino. There is currently code available for using either an arduino or a raspberry pi. You can ofcourse use something else but would probably need to do your own kit.

The kit for the robot arms comes in two flavours:

Mechanical Hardware Only (Lasercut pieces and nuts/bolts) – R150

This Kit provides you with all the required lasercut pieces and all the nuts and bolts needed to assemble it, but you will need to bring your own servo motors and “brain” (arduino)

You would need 4 9g Micro Servo’s:

Please note that you can’t assemble without the motors, since the motors are part of the structure.

Mechanical Hardware + Servo Motors – R350

This Kit provides you with all the required lasercut pieces and all the nuts and bolts needed to assemble it including the required motors, but you would need to bring your own”brain” (arduino)

To reserve your kit(s) please send an email to projectnight [at] The cutoff for kit reservation is the 28th of July


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