PlenZA – Our own PLEN Fork

So we are big fans of the Plen robot. Unfortunately the motors used in the original Plen are hard to find and/or expensive. We decided to create our own version of the Plen called the PlenZA. It’s essentially the original plen, but modified for different cheaper 9g motors that are very much everywhere, especially in SA.

Andries Smuts, one of our BinarySpace members have modified the original files and we have been printing and testing.

plenza2 plenza1

We also have some quick videos of the first movements:

All the mechanical files can be found on our github repository.
We are currently looking at the original electronics, but we are also keen on designing our own.

Stay tuned for more updates 🙂

3 thoughts on “PlenZA – Our own PLEN Fork

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  2. Leo Zhang

    Dear Sir.

    I’m quite interested in this robot, I’m very eager to build one by myself rignt now! I have downloaded the part files for 3D printing, but I didn’t see anything about PCBA and firmware, if possible can you send me the whole set files including BOM, part files, PCBA and other electronics, firmware, assembly drawing etc. appreciate your generosity!

    Best Regards
    Leo Zhang

  3. Hansen Tapaha

    Hi, I am currently building this robot and was wondering if you guys had used the software from the PLEN site or if you have developed your own software and code? Thanks!


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