Technology Challenge: Analog Line Following Robot (No Arduino’s Allowed!)

Good day all you Happy Hackers!

I am pleased to announce another Binaryspace hosted Technology Challenge. Up for grabs is a PICAXE-20X2 MICROBOT worth R1200 sponsored by Gert Van der Walt.

In order to win you must design and build a line following robot that must complete the track in the fastest time.

But there is a catch!


That’s right. You may use any technology you desire but any programmable piece of silicon is a no no.

Sharing of your design and build process is encouraged but not necessary since the winning criteria is the time to complete the track. Please help and encourage your fellow hackers through by sharing. Sharing is caring.


There is a test track set up in the space in order for you to try out your robot. The day of the official competition is 27 October, that gives you enough time to build and test your robot.


Entry is free (the cost of your robot) and open to anyone.

Any questions feel free to bug me gertvdwalt [at] mighty dot coza

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