New TECH Chall3nge – “Blind as a Bat”


Good news everyone!

It is time for a new Binaryspace hosted TECH Chall3nge !

“Blind as a Bat”

Design and build a robot that would traverse a maze by dead reckoning only.

You may:

Build your robot as you wish within the restrictions below.
Use spacers or positioning aids that are not part of the robot

You must:

You robot must be propelled by two 28BYJ-48 stepper motors , no other propulsion allowed.
Your robot must present a solid barrier to the timer laser, the laser will be approx 30 mm from the floor.

You may not:

Your robot may not be bigger than 150 mm length by 150 mm width. No height restriction.
Your robot may not have any sensors that gathers information from outside the robot, this includes gyroscopes and compass modules.

The field of battle:

The fied of battle is a maze drawn on an A1 cardboard posterboard (available from CNA for approx R30).

To prepare your own practice maze:

  1. In pencil draw lines 200 mm from all sides.
  2. Draw 2 more lines 50 mm towards the INSIDE of the paper from the first set of lines through the width of the paper
  3. Mark the pencil lines of the small blocks with a thick marker “two thirds” from the bottom on the left and the same from the top on the right.
  4. You can now erase (or just leave) the first pencil lines except 2 for the start and end blocks. The encased small areas is the no go areas.


The timer will start when the robot passes the first laser at the 200mm mark on the start block and stop when it reaches the 200 mm line on the end block. The maze will be run 3 times to ensure accuracy. Time will be added to the total for every time the robot goes off the paper or cross a no go area.

Best time wins maze prize. Coolest robot (by mob vote) wins coolest robot prize.

Entry fee is R 50 payable on first build night.

There will be two build nights and then the competition:

16th of March: First build night and entry fee payable. On the first build night you must, at the minimum, have a design or concept ready for your robot. If you already have something built even better. On this night you can get advice and suggestions on your robot should you need it.

13th of April: Second build night. Building and tweaking robots. On this night you must have something ready to physicaly build. This is also for advice and help should you need it.


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