BinarySpace High Altitude Balloon Launch – Binary-05/06 – 17 November 2018

Hi Everybody,

We are doing another High Altitude Balloon Launch on the 17th of November (Saturday). Everybody is invited to join us for the day to launch and chase the balloon. We will be launching from the NWU Vaal Triangle Campus in Vanderbijlpark


New equipment being flown this time includes a DIY repeater made by Frik Wolff (ZS6FZ). It will allow radio amateurs to talk to others via the balloon. It has a 70cm uplink and a 2m downlink.

Uplink: 433.550Mhz – 88.5Hz Tone to Activate
Downlink: 145.450Mhz

Looking forward to see how many contacts we make via the repeater.

As usual the SSTV camera system will fly again. This time it also includes a couple of static images that will be transmitted randomly in between the live images. There has been a couple of updates made on the camera and should eliminate the green images problems we have had in the past. This time the camera will point towards the earth so get ready for some google satellite like images.

The main hd camera will point outwards as usual and we are hoping for some amazing footage during the nice weather that is expected on Saturday.

The currently flight predictions show that this will be a fun one in terms of the amount of travelling involved. If all goes according to the predictions then it should land no more than 30km from the launch. It travels further than 30km but predictions show it will turn around and come back at higher altitudes.

Because of the current flight plan we are doing a proper ground station courtesy of the ZS4SRK Sasolburg Radio Club. The ground station will capture data, and communicate on the local repeaters with the chase teams and everybody else playing along.

Sasolburg Repeater: 145.600Mhz
VTB Repeater: 145.6375Mhz

As an added bonus we might be launching a second balloon (Binary-06) which will carry our very experimental, 3d printed glider ‘which has yet to be named’. The plan is that it would detach around 6km and then fly itself back to the launch. We have only been working on this project for less than 2 weeks and it’s still a work in progress so this might not happen if we are not happy with the glider by Saturday (which means we will just move it out to another day, it’s happening some time either way). Should be an interesting experiment. Binary-06 has been sponsored by the guys from SiGNL. Thanks! More info around this balloon will be shared on the comms group as the week goes by.

Everybody is welcome as usual, and if you ever wanted to join a launch then this is the perfect one since there won’t be much driving happening and there is an active ground station that will run during the complete event.

Previous Launches:
4 Aug 2018
9 June 2018
17 March 2018 –
15 April 2015 –

About the Mission – Binary 05

Equipment on this flight:

SSTV Camera Transmitter (400mW-500mW) – Will take a photo and transmit it every 5 minutes. There will also be some static images in the mix. Can you collect all 6 of them ?
Transmitted on 144.500 FM, Martin 1 Mode
You can use MMSSTV to decode (

Flight BlackBox

Sensors include pressure, temperature (inside, outside), humidity, gps. All data will also be logged locally on sd card for retrieval

APRS Transmitter (300mW) – Will transmit position and altitude every minute

Technical Info:
Callsign: ZR6TG-11
Transmitted on 144.800
You can follow on!call=ZR6TG-11&timerange=3600&tail=3600

We will also have the following on the payload:

1x HD Camera
1x Science Lab (Raspberry pi based with lots of sensors) designed and deployed by

Sasolburg Amateur Radio Club (ZS4SRK) will join us with the tracking and recovery of the payload. As usual all amateur radio enthusiasts everywhere are invited to come play with us πŸ™‚

Please also share to any Amateur Radio Groups/Clubs
We are using a 1000g balloon (white). We are estimating a 3 hour mission from launch to recovery.

We have the following challenges happening during the launch:

(1) First person to recover the payload gets a box of craft beer (from
(2) Footage of the Payload coming down will be rewarded with 1 box of craft beer (from
(3) Special Awards (QSL Cards) will be given to everyone who captures the SSTV images. Please mail tvdbon@gmail with the decoded information, time of transmission (bonus if you can provide a recorded sound clip) and your location and equipment used (optional)

Primary launch window: November 17 2018 – 7:00 (we start setting up somewhere around 6:15)

Depending on weather or technical difficulties the launch and/or the payload contents can change at any time, check the telegram group for up to date information:

Telegram group used for tracking and comms:

Launch Site: North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus, Vanderbijlpark – 1174 Hendrick Van Eck Boulevard, Vanderbijlpark, 1900

Google Maps:

Fun Facts:

This will be the 5th BinarySpace High Altitude Balloon Launch
This will be the 5th launch using the Trackduino APRS tracker
This will be the 2nd launch at the North West University Vaal Triangle Campus
This will be the 4th launch utilizing new homebrew tracking equipment
This will be the 4th launch with SSTV camera
This will be the 2nd launch with Telemetry Black Box

Everybody is welcome to come and join us πŸ™‚

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