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BinarySpace is a Hackerspace in the Vaal Triangle. It’s a space where people with common interests in technology, science and electronic art, can meet, socialize and/or collaborate.


We meet every Thursday night at 19:30.

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10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Rudi Ahlers

    I need to build a GPS logger which can log + store GPS coordinates as
    well as sensor data from diesel driven generators. The data needs to
    be sent to a HTTP (can it be HTTPS?) server on a regular interval, say
    every 2 hours or so. The unit also needs to send through the output to
    the server when certain events occur, like “engine start / engine
    stop”, movement is detected (possibly when the GPS coordinates
    change). Most importantly, I need to keep track of how long an engine
    runs, during a 24hour period. Someone suggested I use a realtime clock
    for this purpose, and then monitor a open / closed relay on one of the

    What units can you suggest I use, considering I want to run both the
    GSM and GPS modules at the same time. From what I understand, I would
    need to have 2x UART’s but the Arduino boards only have 1x UART /
    hardware serial pin?
    Would the realtime clock interfere with the GPS / GSM (3G?) modules?
    And what about battery backup for the whole arduino setup? The
    generators run either 12V or 24V so I’ll have a good power supply but
    also need backup power in-case the battery is dead / removed from the
    generator. What kind of battery would I need in the Arduino to power
    everything I need, for at least 4 weeks (when a machine is being moved
    somewhere else on the back of a flatbed truck) so that I can track
    where a machine is being sent to?
    The generator’s own on-board alternator sometimes peak at 30V. Do you have step-down regulators
    that can work @ 30V?

    The gboard looks rather promising but I don’t know if it will work for this kind of project?

  2. Dalton Simancek


    I am an applicant for a National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship through the United States Fulbright Student Program. Fellows from this program use various digital media tools to report on a globally relevant topic through the guidance of a team at National Geographic. You can find more information through this link:

    My proposed project will follow the Maker movement in two countries, one of which I hope to be South Africa. I am contacting all of the Hackerspaces, Fab Labs and other design spaces throughout the country in order to collect information and possibly establish an affiliation. I’m interested in hearing more about your facility and how I could help bring international attention to the stories of the people, products and initiatives of your Hackerspace.

    I look forward to hearing from you. I’d be happy to share some ideas I have for the proposal, share more about myself and discuss further opportunities for collaboration.

    Thank you for your time,

    Dalton Simancek
    Project Coordinator
    Child Health Evaluation & Research (CHEAR) Unit
    Division of General Pediatrics
    University of Michigan
    300 N. Ingalls St., Rm 6E14
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5456
    Phone: (734) 615 – 8210

  3. mahdi

    Se il vous plaît je suis à la recherche de documentation pour la carte STM23L-découverte et une température de programme avec le langage C ++

  4. Clayton Taylor

    Good day guys, I need to print a plastic gear, will it be possible. It works in a paper shredder machine.

  5. calvin

    Hey i would love to become part of this awesome group. i am into programming of microcontrollers and electronics. is there maybe a whatsapp group or something where people share idea’s and chat? i am from rustenburg


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