Introduction to ARM Microcontrollers Course

So you have played with the Arduino, probably even used it in some projects, but feel you want more? Or just want to learn another type of micro-controller? Then this course is for you!

This course is a practical introduction to ARM Micro-controllers. You will get a hands on experience on programming and using ARM processors in your projects. More specifically this course will focus on using the new Nucleo boards from ST:


The highly affordable STM32 Nucleo boards allow to try out new ideas and to quickly create prototypes with any STM32 MCU.

Sharing Arduino connectors and ST Morpho headers, STM32 Nucleo boards can easily be extended with a large number of application related hardware add-ons. The STM32 Nucleo boards come with an integrated ST-Link debugger/programmer; no need for an external probe.

You can even use your existing arduino shields on the nucleo board!


The course includes a nucleo stm32 dev board and all the required components for the course. You only need to bring your laptop and some basic tools (multimeter, side cutter, nose pliers, etc).

We will be using the following software, which you can preload or alternatively I’ll help to get it up and running before the course:

GNU ARM Toolchain
Windows/Mac/Linux Downloads


Linux/Mac, depending on your distribution it might already be installed or you would need to use your package manager to install it.

Ubuntu example:

sudo apt-get install build-essential

ST Link


Project Template + HAL Drivers

You can download the project template either as zip download, alternatively install git for your platform and clone it since I will be adding more examples to the template over time and using git it will be a lot easier to keep your copy updated.

That should be everything you need to get started.

Course Presenters

The course will be presented by Tom Van den Bon. If you are interested to get involved please let us know.

When & Where ?

The course is being presented at the House4Hack premises at 4 Burger Ave, Centurion 0157, South-Africa.

19 July 2014  Done 🙂



New course will be posted soon.

Thanks to House4Hack for hosting us.


We currently charge R700 for the half day introduction course. This includes all the components needed as well as an Nucleo STM32 devboard. Pre-booking is required (we need to buy all the devkits and components). To book please send an email tvdbon (at), payments can be done to

K2013229665 (SA) PTY LTD
Bank : FNB
Account Number : 62446831390
Branch Code : 250655 (Some banks required additional 00 at the end)
Reference : ARMCourse + NAME

Welcome to the world of 32bit micro-controllers … you might never go back to 8 bit…

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