August 2014: Pocket Sized Robot Arm (MeArm)

For our premier monthly project night we built the Pocket Sized Robot Arm. The night was a huge success. This page has some pics, build instructions and various code to get your robot arm up and running.

Missed the evening but still want to get a pocket sized robot arm kit of your own? Kits are now available at ProtoFactory.

The current version is the v0.4, which is a collaboration between Jack Howard and Benjamin Gray.

More info on their project page



DSC_7208 DSC_7189


  • If your parts look ugly then it means that you probably haven’t removed the protective plastic on it yet. Please remove before assembling.
  • On some 9g servo’s there is a little pin next to the servo horn attachment part. Its a good idea to file it away with a small nail file or something similar.
  • The perspex can break, don’t force it!

Build Instructions
Design Files
Source files (Arduino)
Source files (Raspberry PI)


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