3d Printed Chair – Collaborative Project

In a collaboration between Dutch designer Joris Laarman and 3d printer manufacturer Ultimaker they designed and printed a chair. The chair is assembled from various 3d printed puzzle pieces.

At BinarySpace we love 3d printing. A lot of our projects wouldn’t have existed without 3d printing. In an attempt to create more awareness of 3d printing and hacker/maker spaces in South Africa we would like to print/build this chair. But were asking everybody in South Africa with access to 3d printers to help us out.

Can you imagine this chair built from pieces printed all over the country. Each part printed in the contributor’s favorite color? It would make for a very colorful chair which seems fitting for our Rainbow Nation.

How ?

(1) Get the archived parts file here

(2) Select the part you would like to print (check the list to see what is allocated), let us know at 3dprintedchair@binaryspace.co.za and we will add you to the list

(3) Print the part in ABS/PLA in your favorite color. The downloaded archive file also contains a pdf with instructions and slicing info.

(4) Send the part to BinarySpace (email us a photo when you are ready so that we can give you the details). Unfortunately this might be the more costly part to this project. The SAPO is currently striking and packages aren’t being delivered. The suggestion is to use the Aramex Courier services at Pick a Pay. A sleeve costs R99 so please make sure you are willing to spend this before volunteering to print a piece.

Why ?

Why not? It’s a fun project and here at BinarySpace we believe in doing fun projects! It’s also an attempt to raise awareness of the wonders of 3d printing and to show that there are lots of South Africans with access to 3d printers.


Does it have to be printed in ABS?

The original instructions call for ABS, but since this is more about the art than creating something absolutely practical I can’t think of any reason why we can’t print parts in PLA as well.

Can I print more than 1 piece?

Of course you can, but keep in mind we are not looking for 1 person to print half the chair so lets keep it between 1-4 pieces per person. Also, if you are planning to print more than 1 then please choose different pieces and not pieces directly next to each other.

Print Configuration ?

The archive you download in step 1 includes all the detail, but we recommend 25-30% infill and about two shells (perimeters)

Can I drop of my piece at my local hacker/maker space?

Sure you can as long as it’s at one of the Gauteng hacker spaces where I can collect it:


Please contact us first so that we can make arrangements and make sure it gets to the right people.

Will be updated as we receive questions 🙂 Send us an email with your questions


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