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Project Overview

For the past year and a half we have been doing our weekly meetups in Tom's workshop. While its been a perfect space we are currently running our of space. The past few months things have been getting a bit cramped, especially when we hold project nights and events. It is time to move on and create a new bigger and better space. Unfortunately this comes with some new challenges. Luckily we have some great members and one of them (Chris) organised a space for us which is affordable.

The new space is essentially a double garage and some side rooms which we can convert into a new space. Unfortunately the next phase of BinarySpace means that we need to generate some income to cover stuff such as rent and consumables. The space is also empty so we would need to add some infrastructure. To cover most of this we are looking at implementing a membership system. While we would all love a free space with lots of tools, it is not realistic. Also membership fees allow us to save for more expensive tools such as CNC Routers and Lathes.

The space is currently being cleared and we can possibly start setting it up on the 6th of December 2014 (todo list items).

Space is up and running and meetups are being held at the new space

Todo List

  • Paint Space (need paint)
  • Setup Access Control
    • Most hardware is now at the space and just need final build and setup
  • Setup Alarm
    • basic alarm up and running. Need to get terminals for battery and hookup siren. Also need to do telegram integration
  • Setup Benches
    • Two workbenches have been sorted, another one is on it's way
  • Setup Wifi
  • setup lan router
  • Better ventilation
  • Setup Keg
  • Setup washing basin
  • Music (Raspberry PI Radio)
  • Install LED clock
  • Attach Whiteboard to Wall

Todo Electrical

  • Install Work Lights (we need lights)
  • Install outside lights
  • Install a bathroom light
  • Install extra power wire coming from the main house
  • Add some plugs

Wish List

  • Stanley Knife
  • Alarm Siren
  • PC Power Supply Cables
  • USB Cables
  • Flux Pen
  • Desoldering Braid
  • Isolation/Duct Tape
  • Hookup wire spools + Wire
  • Glue Sticks
  • Multimeter
  • 2 Locks for Garage Doors

Donated Items

Membership fees will be used in the future to add more tools and infrastructure, but we need to get started somewhere so donations are welcome.

Furniture Donated

  • Work Table (x2) (Sebastian) - Delivered
  • Work Bench (Tom)(From BinarySpace V1)
  • CNC Chairs (x4)(From BinarySpace V1) - Delivered
  • Couch Set (Tom) - Don't think this is required?
  • Fridge (Sebastian)(From BinarySpace V1)
  • White Board - Delivered

Tools Donated

  • 3D Printer (Tom)
  • Table top drill press (Tom)
  • Socket & Wrench Set (Tom)
  • Screw Driver Set (Lee) - Delivered
  • Hacksaw & Blades (Gerhard) - Delivered
  • Precision Screw Drivers (Wolff) - Delivered
  • Various Pliers Set (Wolff) - Delivered


  • Beer Glasses (Michael) - Delivered
  • Access Control Equipment (Tom & Sebastian) - Delivered
  • Network Router (Lee)