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Current Management

Chairman - Currently held by Andries Smuts

  • Responsible for organizing proposal meetings and yearly elections
  • Responsible for OpenHouse and Project Schedules
  • First contact for BinarySpace related matters

QuarterMaster - Currently held by Andre Van Moerkerken

  • Make sure everybody adheres to the space rules
  • Make sure safety procedures are in place

Financial Manager - Currently held by Romeo Botes

  • Keep track of finances
  • Help develop fund raising plans
  • Makes sure the bills get paid
  • Collects the membership fees from Members
  • Can authorize small payments as required

Public Relations Manager - Currently held by Tom van den Bon

  • Updates blog and social media networks on meetups/events and projects
  • Handles contact from Media


  • Elections will be held once a year and positions cannot be held by the same person for more than 1 term (1 year)
  • Due to the stakes involved only Core Members can be nominated for Financial Manager and QuarterMaster

Next election will be held during general meeting on 24 January 2018