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BinarySpace Membership Levels

There are application forms available at the space. Be sure to read all the information below before you apply.


BinarySpace is a Member Owned organization.

  • Basic Membership: R250 a month, for most people
  • Friend of BinarySpace: R150 a month, 'nearly' a member.

You are welcome to contribute more than the regular membership fee. This will be marked as a donation.

Regular Membership

Members want to help run and make the space work, and use it often.

What you get

  • 24/7 Access to BinarySpace for personal Projects
  • Private Storage Locker
  • Access to members only tool room (cnc/3d printer)
  • Access to basic tools
  • Minimum overhead cost for classes or events run at the Space

Friend of BinarySpace

A Friend of BinarySpace uses the space once in a blue moon, or just likes to drop by during open hours. The don't want to help run the space too much, they just want to use it once in a while.

What you get

  • Access when other members are around
  • Access to basic tools


BinarySpace is owned and run by its members, so we are a bit careful about how we accept new members.

  1. First you probably should go join the Discussion List, and drop by for a few Thursday night meeting/open houses. Get to know us. This is a shared space, and to make it run well, we need to know personalities mesh well.
  2. Secondly you can find a membership form at the space, please fill it in and submit at the space.
  3. Since members get full access to the space, the current membership needs to vote to accept the new application. This is done in person, usually at a open night. Give everyone a week's notice before voting so they can attend or call in.

Membership Payment

Membership payment is currently only accepted as cash at the space during the meetups. Membership fees is paid during the first week of each month. Please do come talk to us if you can't make payment and we'll make a plan. Members who don't communicate and get in arrears will be removed from the membership list after 2 months of non-payment and non-communication.

How are Membership fees used?

The membership fees are used for paying of regular expenses to keep the space running (rent/water & lights/internet). Any other monies that are saved are used for buying new tools for the space and doing fun projects. Members can make proposals on how money get spent. As a member you will also have access to our income/expense sheets.

Guidelines for Conduct in the Space

This stuff is generally considered "common sense" but as we grow it's important to emphasize these rules by which we expect all members and entrants to the space to follow to make best use of our shared space.

  1. Individuals should be at least 18 or accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter the space
  2. The Quartermaster has domain over the space. Do what the Quartermaster says. No change to the space is minor; people rely on the location of items.
  3. No alterations to the infrastructure or physical layout of the space can be made without discussion and approval (from Quartermaster and/or Management).
  4. Obey the "campsite rule"... leave the space in a better condition than how you found it.
  5. Return tools to their proper location. Every tool has a home. Send them home.
  6. Perform an inspection of the space before you leave: SOLDERING IRONS OFF, major lights off, equipment put away. Check the trash -- if it looks full, take it out and place a new trash bag in the can. Brooms are provided for your convenience. Do not unplug or turn off any power strip unless it could pose a hazard to the space or its inhabitants (e.g. power to a soldering iron or power tool).
  7. If you have not been trained to use a piece of equipment (whether you know how to use it or not), don't use it. Ask the Quartermaster for help.
  8. Clean up the shrapnel from your work; use the vacuum to clean up debris from grinding, sawing, drilling, cutting, etc.
  9. Using a tool inappropriately or for a purpose other than for its design or in an unsafe manner is prohibited.
  10. Proper safety equipment must be used at all times when using power tools. Wear goggles and a mask if you are generating dust. Get help if you want to get on a ladder (don't use the ladder alone).
  11. Open food containers, empty drink cans, and cups need to be rinsed in the sink before throwing into the trash unless you are taking the trash out when you leave. See above.
  12. Blatant or repeated disregard for these guidelines are grounds for revocation of membership.


For major space decisions, Regular Members vote. A proposal is passed by 2/3 majority. 'Friend of BinarySpace' members are encouraged to be part of decision making, and can participate in discussion. Their votes are recorded and announced, but don't count towards the 2/3 majority.


We prefer to hack on our projects rather than have meetings all the time. Most issues can be discussed on the Discussion List. A member meeting will be held every 6 months or whenever we need to vote on new members or need to discuss a Proposal.