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For our December project we will be playing with some new tech. Adding wifi capabilities to any project has always been an expensive option. That was until the esp8266 came along. With various modules available around the R70-R150 range it's definitely one of the cheaper options out there.

Rgb lamp1.jpgRgb lamp2.jpgRgb lamp3.jpgRgb lamp4.jpg

It is with this in mind that we (Sebastian and Tom) decided to design a Wifi Controlled RGB Lamp. We used a nucleo board for the main controller, coupled with the esp8266 module for wifi. The reason for these two components is mostly due to cost and we also wanted to keep the electonics for this project as simple as possible (no custom pcb's etc). This is also a great way to get started with mbed development.

The basic code currently consists of setting the wifi module in softAP mode and host a basic webserver which allows you to join the wifi network and connect to the lamp via a browser and change the color of the lamp.

Two kits are available for the project build:

Kit 1 (recommended if you already have a nucleo) includes:

  1. Set of WS2811 Led's
  2. ESP8266 Module
  3. Lasercut and 3d printed parts
  4. Nuts and Bolts
  5. Hookup Wire

Kit 2 (recommended if you don't have a nucleo) includes:

  1. Everything Kit 1 has, but with the added nucleo board

You would also need a laptop to program the development board and a 12v wall adapter

You can get Kit 1 and Kit 2 at ProtoFactory. If you are a BinarySpace member then please remember to apply your discount code.

External Power Connection

VIN : 7v - 12v

E5V : 5v

When power is supplied by VIN or E5V, the jumpers configuration must be the following:

Jumper on JP5 pin 2 and pin 3

Jumper removed on JP1


The wires between the nucleo board and the led's should be kept as short as possible otherwise you will get some noise. To minimize noise you can also add a 1000uF, 6.3v (or higher) capacitor across the power terminals of the strip.


Makers Guide

WifiLamp Code Repository(mbed)

Design Files