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Courses 2016

24 March - Picaxe Course

Monthly Projects 2016

February 2016: Thinking of you Box

Project Page

January 2016: Sound Card Oscilloscope

Project Page


Monthly Projects 2015

April 2015: Home Bench Series: Bench Power Supply


Project Page

February 2015: Handheld Arduino Game

Gb helloworld.jpg

Project Page

January 2015: "Internet of Things"


Project Page

December 2014: Wifi RGB Lamp


Project Page

Color changing Wifi controlled light thingie devices

November 2014: Etch your own Arduino Clone


Project Page

Making, Etching and Printing

October 2014: Infinity Mirror


Project Page

Project Feedback - 23/10/2014

Member Projects

Individual Projects from Members

Filament Extruder

Filament Extruder.jpg

Project Page - Chris V

The Little FeedBack Device

Project Page - Lee

Big Tetris Display


Project Page - Tom

Rebuild CNC Machine


Project Page - Tom

Space Invader Chess

Project Page - Gerhard/Albert

Space Invaders Chess Set.jpg

Group Projects

This is a list of some of our current group projects.

Interested in doing a Group Project at BinarySpace?

  • Propose project on the usual channels
  • Get some people who are interested in participating
  • Ask for Wiki access
  • Do the project

PCB Badge

Project Page

Educational Robot

Project Page

Mobile Omnidirectional Neutralization and Termination Eradicator (MONTE)

This is the project for a Robot of class Feather Weight to be built by the space.

Project Page

Medical Internet of Things Project

We have been approached by Dr. Darryl Vine to play with various options on using IoT in a hospital.

Project Page

High Altitude Space Balloon Projects

Binary-02 - 17 March 2018

Project Page


Project Page - Scrubbed

Binary00 - Global Space Balloon Challenge 2015

Were putting a team together to launch a high altitude balloon <s>between the 10th and 27th of April 2015 on the 11th of April 2015</s>

Successfully launched and retrieved on the 11th of April - Reached altitude of 32.5km

Project Page

Binary00 burstheight1.jpg

Creating BinarySpace V2.0

We are running out of space at the current site. Plans are in action for a new bigger better space.

3D Printed Chair

Project Page

Previous Projects

We are still migrating info from blog pages to wiki. See previous projects here